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Men In Black 3 Theatrical Trailer

09 Mar 2012
Neuralize me now!
*Sigh* I suppose I should watch this...”

That was my honest response on discovering the full length trailer for Men In Black 3. However, being the diligent worker drone I am, I powered through and hit play.

To my delight, it wasn’t unbearable.

Much of this stems from the fact I haven’t seen sight nor sound of one William Smith since 2008. And dammit, I missed him!
Four years is a long time to go without some Big Willie Style, folks! Predictable dialogue and clichéd narrative aside, I’ll take the infectiously charismatic Will Smith wherever I can find him... Even in the second sequel to a 15 year franchise which has long since lost resonance with its audience.

Secondarily, Josh Brolin does THE BEST Tommy Lee Jones impression this side of Tommy Lee Jones trying to play himself from twenty years ago...

On the downside, most will suffer through MIB3 in 3D, director Barry Sonnenfeld doesn’t boast the most encouraging track record and, chances are, it’ll be pants. Nonetheless, it’s nice to see the (not-so) Fresh Prince back on the silver screen after such extended hiatus.

Men In Black 3 beams into theatres on May 25th.
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