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The Dictator promises backlash against Academy

09 Mar 2012
Sunday night may be a lot more interesting.
Sacha Baron Cohen has hit back at the Academy taking away his right to free speech after he was apparently banned from the Oscars. The actor had planned to promote The Dictator on the red carpet by dressing up in character as Admiral General Aladeen while attending the show. The Academy has said that it has not revoked his tickets yet, but is simply “waiting to hear what he’s going to do”.

Naturally the actor has taken this move in his stride and used it for further promotional opportunities with a response video and “unimaginable consequences” against the Academy. It could make for an interesting experience on the red carpet on Sunday night. The Dictator starring Sacha Baron Cohen is due in cinemas in May 2012.

The Dictator promises backlash against Academy on