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Wrath of the Titans gets a new trailer

09 Mar 2012
Big action for the big screen.
The newest Wrath of the Titans trailer covers much of the same ground as the previous one, but now there are even more shots of action, battles and Titans. It is a battle to save mankind as the struggle for supremacy between gods and the Titans rages. The film picks up ten years after the events of Clash of the Titans. The gods’ powers are being weakened as mankind is less devoted and this means that the Titans are able to escape their prisons. Perseus must now embark on a quest into the underworld to rescue Zeus and overthrow the Titans.

Unlike its predecessor it has been shot in 3D, rather than being converted afterwards. There is an impressive cast line-up with Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes and Sam Worthington among many others set to star in the film. Wrath of the Titans will be released worldwide on March 30th.

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