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Jack and Jill Cleans Up at the Razzies

05 Apr 2012
Sandler abomination wins in every category...
Quite how Jack and Jill was ever deemed a good idea by anyone involved is beyond us, but now its legendary awfulness has been confirmed in style - by winning every single award on offer at this weekend's Golden Raspberry Awards. Held annually, the Razzies honour the very worst in movie entertainment. It's got to be embarrassing for Adam Sandler whos career has been in a perpetual nosedive for quite some time now - however it might just be the kick up the rear he needed to stop making such godawful "comedies".
The full list of awards scooped by the movie are as follows:Worst Picture
Worst Actor (Adam Sandler)
Worst Actress (Adam Sandler)
Worst Supporting Actor (Al Pacino)
Worst Supporting Actress (David Spade)
Worst Ensemble
Worst Director (Dennis Duggan)
Worst Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel (For remaking/ripping off Glen or Glenda)
Worst Screenplay
Worst Screen Couple (Adam Sandler and Adam Sandler)
We'd like to say it could be worse, but it really couldn't...
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