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Skyfall Trailer to Accompany MIB III Screenings

09 Apr 2012
Latest Bond movie to get first public showing from May 25th!
Those of you who are chomping at the bit to get a look at the latest adventure of Daniel Craig's James Bond in Skyfall don't have too much longer to wait. Sony Pictures will be giving us a first look at the movie from May 25th when trailers will accompany the release of Men in Black III - yet another reason to check out the latest instalment of the seriously underappreciated MIB franchise!
There's no word yet as to when we can expect to be able to feast our eyes on an online version of the trailer, but we're pretty sure you can expect it at roughly the same time as the MIB III launch - if not a little sooner - so if you're not a Smith/Jones fan you'll be able to keep your money in your pocket and still get your Bond fix!
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