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Brooklyn`s Finest Director Set for Olympus Has ...

12 Apr 2012
White House action flick starring Gerard Butler likely to have Fuqua helming.
A new Millennium Entertainment feature set in the White House with Gerard Butler starring as a Secret Service agent defending the President of the United States when terrorists attack looks set to be directed by Brooklyn's Finest supremo Antoine Fuqua. While it doesn't exactly sound like the most intelligent of movies, we do like a bit of mindless action eye candy, and it sounds like it might fit the bill.
Negotiations are said to be at an advanced stage, and Millennium want to start shooting as early as possible, with June looking a likely candidate for principle photography. The movie's script comes from debutants Ketrin Benedikt and Creighton Rothenberger, and it's something that Millennium has been pushing hard since it bought the rights back in March.
Butler has had something of a hit and miss career, but he has always been able to turn his hand to the action oriented roles quite well, so despite the utter ridiculousness of the plot outline, we're actually fairly confident that this might just turn out to be surprisingly watchable when it is released next year (assuming everything sticks to Millennium's plan).
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