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New G.I. Joe Retaliation Trailer

24 Apr 2012
Poor London!
Those of you hoping for a return to the camptastic tone and relentless, consequence free bombast of 2009’s Rise of Cobra are in for bitter disappointment by what’s revealed in this newest trailer for June 22nd’s G.I. Joe Retaliation.
It’s looking more and more like a tense, gritty revaluation of the franchise with an emphasis on ballistic combat over colourful watercolours and pithy humour over Marlon Waynes!
But what did you expect? The Rock is in it, and reviving flagging series seems to be his speciality what with Journey 2, Fast Five and now G.I. Joe.
Plus it seems 21 Jump Street has stirred something in the Tatum as there he is, crackin’ wise!
There’s perhaps too much of a deficit of Snake Eyes (Darth Mau-RAY PARK) for our liking. But there’s only a two months wait to see if Jon Chu can really topple his former career pinnacle, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.
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