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What is the Rock cooking?

27 Apr 2012
New still from Pain and Gain reveals impressive culinary skills.
Despite being extremely vocal about his intention never to return to the robot bashing franchise, director Michael Bay is set to go into production on Transformers 4, with a release date already set for June 2014.
That three year gap since TF3 is to allow Bay some time off to finally work on his so called ‘passion project’ entitled Pain and Gain. It’s based on the true story of a group of Miami body builders and occasional steroid pushers who get way out of their league when they become involved in extortion and kidnapping.
The real case is a particularly harrowing but Bay has gone the black comedy route for his take on the story, something which was much more a feature of his earlier films, particularly Bad Boys II. And he’s nabbed a pair of perfectly cast movie stars to bring these characters to life in the form of Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Mark Wahlberg.
The film is currently shooting in Florida and the production has just released a new image of The Rock stoking a barbeque with some sinister sizzled material on a fork. See below.
The Rock cooks something up in Pain and Gain
The Rock cooks something up in Pain and GainEnlarge Enlarge
The film also stars Ken Jeong, Anthony Mackie and Ed Harris and is set for release in early 2013.
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