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Robert Pattinson joins Mission: Blacklist

03 May 2012
No sparkly camouflage in sight.
Robert Pattinson has been snapped up to spearhead the mission to capture Saddam Hussein in Mission: Blacklist. Pattinson has signed on to the role of military investigator Eric Maddox. Band of Brothers writer Erik Jendresen has adapted the screenplay, while Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire has been attached to the director’s role.
Mission: Blacklist will retell the story of capturing Saddam Hussein. However, rather than it simply revolve around digging holes until the team find him, it will focus on the gathering of intelligence by any means necessary. Sergeant Maddox uncovered crucial details regarding the insurgency by chasing down leads, following hunches and interrogating literally hundreds of detainees, before pin pointing where Hussein was hiding. It’s early days for the project yet, but it could prove to be an interesting tale.
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