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New stills from The Amazing Spider-Man

03 May 2012
See the Lizard in action.
The Avengers is taking care of its own promotion with its performance on-screen and in the box office, so Marvel is willing to turn its attention elsewhere. Two new images have been released from the upcoming release of The Amazing Spider-Man. Both images give a closer look at the Lizard. One is a simple shot, which shows how the Lizard discovers the identity of Spider-Man; name-tags and labels don’t always work in your favour. The second shot shows the Lizard decked out in his lab coat and is possibly taken shortly after the initial transformation.
The Amazing Spider-Man will see the Lizard and Peter Parker’s Spider-Man square off when it is released on July 3rd in North America and July 4th in Europe.
New stills from The Amazing Spider-Man on