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Synopsis released for Nick Frost`s Cuban Fury

04 May 2012
Frost has got a salsa dancer buried inside him apparently.
The synopsis has been released for Nick Frost’s upcoming film Cuban Fury, the salsa-dancing romantic comedy. Frost is to star as the lead character, Bruce Garrett, who is described as having a shabby, overweight exterior, but the beating heart of a salsa king inside. To awaken this spirit, he must find the right woman.
Frost said that he wanted to create something that wasn’t about “a perfect nose and abs of steel, sometimes passion, soul and fire is enough.” He also added that he’ll be doing all of his own dancing. Certainly sounds like a different sort of romantic comedy, but we’ll have to wait and see if it can back this up next year.
Social Network star Rashida Jones has signed on to play Bruce’s boss, Julia, who gives him a reason to start following his dreams. Chris O’Dowd will play the womanising competitor who wants to get with Julia. Finally, Olivia Colman will appear as Bruce’s sister. Has the synopsis or cast list done enough to win you over just yet?
Synopsis released for Nick Frost`s Cuban Fury on