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Avengers Sequel Now Official

09 May 2012
And the award or least surprising news of all time goes to...
It's the news that'll surprise absolutely nobody given the phenomenal box office performance of The Avengers worldwide, but a follow up has been confirmed by Disney CEO Bob Iger in a conference call with company shareholders. With the original earning more than $700 million so far (despite only hitting North American theaters on May 4th), the news was seen as inevitable even before the movie was released, but this has finally confirmed it.
The movie looks set for a late 2014, or summer 2015 release, as it lands after further Marvel branded sequels in Iron Man 3 (2013), Thor 2 (2013) and Captain America 2 (2014), but as of yet no other information has been made available. Director Joss Whedon has claimed, however, that he would like to see the sequel take a more intimate approach, rather than the epic blockbuster ethos that has made the original such a smash hit.
Do you think a smaller approach would work for a follow up? Let us know!
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