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Marvel Avengers Assemble

19 May 2012
Oh this is gonna be good....
Hulk, Thor, Ironman and Captain America unite as the Ultimate Superhero team to fight against Thor villain Loki in Marvel Avengers Assemble.It's the superhero movie event of the year, if not, decade! And anticipation for the film has been growing solidly since the first teaser played out in the end credits of Ironman back in 2008 hinting at what was to come.
Click had the pleasure of attending a special fan screening in Dublin Saturday and all we can saw is Folks, you will NOT be disappointed. It's rare that a movie can live up to the hype but in this case it does.While the cast was stellar we're mainly putting this down to the pitch perfect scripting of Joss Whedon who let's face it, is awesome!
Full review will be on the way soon but for now we leave you with a preview for what is to come at the end of the month when Marvel Avengers Assemble hits Irish cinemas on 26th April.
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