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Fassbender in Prometheus Viral as Android David

25 May 2012
Introducing the David 8...
Michael Fassbender has been steadily climbing the ladder of notable performances since he first debuted on the big screen as Stelios in 300. Some people may even remember back to two years before that when he starred in the famous Guiness commercial of 2004 which saw him literally swimming the ocean to apologise to his brother/friend (we're not quite sure but it warmed the hearts of many eitherway)
Now he's taking his acting abilities to unnerving heights as he portrays the Android David of Ridley Scott's new Sci-fi blockbuster Prometheus in this viral promo which has been adding to the anticipation and escalation surrounding the film that is set to release on June 1st in the UK and Ireland and June 8th in Canada and the US.
And for those of you who are interested, Fassbender started off his acting career at age 21 in an SAS advert showing him, shock horror, in the nude....
Fassbender in Prometheus Viral as Android David on