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The Dictator in Cannes

25 May 2012
Admiral General Aladeen caught in the act
The Dictator has just arrived in cinemas worldwide and star Sacha Baron Cohen has headed to Cannes in character to promote the film.
As Admiral General Aladeen, he’s already dumped ashes on Ryan Seacrest and the Academy Awards and appeared on Saturday Night Live torturing some movie critics. Now, after a relatively normal morning photo call involving a camel, Aladeen has been spotted on his finely appointed yacht catching some rays.
Admiral General Aladeen. And friend.
Admiral General Aladeen. And friend.Enlarge Enlarge
This picture series starts innocuously enough, as Cohen frolicks in character with a bikinied young women. Things take a turn for the sinister when the girl appears to mock his manhood and, well, you can probably guess what happens.
Aladeen-dongEnlarge Enlarge
Aladeen-unhappyEnlarge Enlarge
Aladeen-disposingEnlarge Enlarge
You can catch the full sequence in the media panell above. It’s another promotional stunt for a movie that’s already courted more than it’s fair share of column inches and gives audiences a glimpse at the depraved character of Aladeen. If you think the notion that he’s killed a young woman for disparaging his genitals is funny, then you’ll probably find the film to be an absolute riot. Our reviewer Daniel did not quite see the funny side, check out his review here.The Dictator is in cinemas now.
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