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The Amazing Spider-Man gets a new release date

25 May 2012
Spidey is back a little sooner than we thought
We’ve just got word of a new release date for The Amazing Spider-Man.
It’s a pretty minor change, moving from the 4th of July locally to the 3rd, marking The Amazing Spider-Man as yet another film to take advantage of an unusual release date, in this case a Tuesday. It’s a method studios sometimes use to boost their opening figures, as box office won’t be counted til the end of the first weekend.
On the one hand it could be seen as purely a move to enhance its takings but it’s a sign of faith by studio Sony Pictures, who are clearly intent on Spider-Man being their major offering for summer 2012. There’s a chance it’s also a reaction to a perceived upswing in audience attendance as the massive success of The Avengers still takes the world by storm.
Whatever the agenda what it means for you is that you’ll get the chance to see one of the biggest films of the summer a day early. We’ve seen a bunch of scenes from The Amazing Spider-Man already and it looks like director Marc Webb has carved a unique vision for the film, made all the more difficult by the stain of Sam Raimi’sSpiderman 3 still lingering in our collective movie memories. This new iteration has been shot in native 3D and the sense of presence in the web-slinging scenes in particular was revelatory while there’s a sense of subtlety about the more dramatic scenes that is refreshing. The film stars new spidey Andrew Garfield alongside Click fave Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey and the delightful Rhys Ifans as semi-villain Curt Connors. We got the chance to catch up with the three stars plus director Webb recently and we’ll be bringing you their interview, in text and full motion video form, over the coming weeks.The Amazing Spider-Man is in cinemas from the 3rd of July. Check out the super preview over here!
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