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Julianne Moore Lands Carrie Role

25 May 2012
Actress will star alongside Chloe Moretz in remake.
With Chloe Moretz already landing the lead role in the remake of Stephen King's classic Carrie, as we reported last month, it has just been confirmed that Julianne Moore will star as the lead's mother, Margaret White.
With a March 15th release date already set for next year, the movie doesn't have too much time for pussy-footing around when it comes to tying down its main talent, so we can expect a few more announcements in the next few weeks ahead of the start of filming.
With the remake set to focus more on the book than Brian De Palma's original adaptation it is hoped that 2013's Carrie will bring something a little bit different to the table, but only time will tell...
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