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Behind the Scenes on Snow White

25 May 2012
Kristen Stewart talks about her new role
Today, we’ve got a look behind the scenes on Snow White and the Hunstman.
The film stars Kristen Stewart in her first big role post Twilight and is a re-telling of the classic Brothers Grimm fairytale with a real dash of the epic. As Stewart’s Snow White escapes the clutches of the evil Queen (Charlize Theron) a young man (Chris Hemsworth) is sent to find and kill her. Instead, the two team up to take down the Queen, setting things in motion for a massive battle.
In truth, we're more than a little curious about Snow White and the Huntsman. In contrast to Tarsem's overly kiddy take on the material, this looks like altogether darker stuff and the cast looks to be first rate. Taking an age old story and give it a Lord of the Rings style spin is a solid idea and we're hoping the film lives up to its promise.
Check out some new interviews with the cast as they talk about a different take on the fairytale.
Snow White and the Hunstman is directed by Rupert Sanders and also stars Toby Jones, Ian McShane, Ray Winstone and Nick Frost. It’s in cinemas from the 1st of June and we’ll have a special competition for some great prizes up soon.
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