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What idea could make Contagion 2 a reality?

25 May 2012
In case one virus that almost destroyed life wasn't enough.
When a film is successful, the immediate thought is to make a sequel. That is certainly the case with Contagion, the intriguing virus-based thriller which pulled in over $135 million worldwide. Warner Bros. is putting out a open writing assignment (OWA) for a Contagion 2 to see if anyone can match the tone and idea from the first. Who is going to be brave and put pen to paper? How do you follow up a movie about a virus that nearly destroyed life as we know it? It should be interesting to see how things progress.
The original screenwriter, Scott Z. Burns, is set to act as producer on the film and will certainly have a say in who might succeed with a pitch for a sequel. At the moment, this is just an idea. The original was well received, but do you think that a sequel could live up to the same standards? Either way, it will be quite some time before we hear any more from this potential project.
What idea could make Contagion 2 a reality? on

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