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Starship Troopers is back!

29 May 2012
New trailer for direct sequel
Remarkably enough, it has been very nearly fifteen years since Starship Troopers hits cinemas around the world (November 1997 to be exact) and while rumours of a live action reboot have recently begun to circulate, you’ll be seeing the Roughnecks back on screen very soon.Starship Troopers: Invasion is the latest big screen outing for a series which headed straight to video for 2004s Hero of the Federation and caught a limited theatrical release for 2008s Marauder – which, we swear, is actually pretty decent! The universe also got an airing as a CG animated TV series, which has a bearing on its latest outing.
Invasion is a feature lengthed animated movie which is being directed by Appleseed helmer Shinji Aramaki from a script by frequent video game writer Flint Dille – who has worked on everything from Diablo III to the 80s Transformers TV show.
The plot takes place 10 years after the original Starship Troopers and focuses on the same trio of friends – Carmen Ibanez, Johnny Rico and Carl Jenkins (that’s Denise Richards, Casper Van Dien and Neil Patrick Harris to fans). When Carl vanishes with Carmen’s galaxy class ship into deep space, it’s time for Johnny to go find him.
I’m telling you all this because a new trailer has emerged today which gives you an idea of the tone of the new film, as well as some familiar lines…
Honestly it’s a little hard to tell what to think of Invasion. Personally I think the art style looks pretty decent for a lower budget animated flick and I simply can’t be churlish about anything which uses Basil Poledouris’ epic original score. The lines used to clearly reference the first film are a bit on the nose and the delivery leaves something to be desired but bugs, big guns and over the top speeches look like all kinds of fun to me.
On the negative side, the animation itself looks a little crude, particularly the human characters and there’s something about that horde of bugs that looks like something from a 90s videogame. And I don’t mean that as a compliment. And while Starship Troopers showcased some impressive set pieces, it was never actually about the action and I can’t imagine the same satirical tone transitioning to this new production. There’s some potentially good news on the voice actor front – some sources list original star Casper Van Dien as returning to voice Johnny Rico. I have to admit it doesn’t sound like him here but he is confirmed to be working on the film as an executive producer so he might still appear in the role. I’m a sucker for all things Starship Troopers and will certainly be checking this out but something tells me it’s going to be a very different film from the one we remember.Starship Troopers: Invasion is heading straight to home video in the states during the summer and may be getting a theatrical release in Japan. More info as we get it.
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