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Fresh Django Unchained Stills

29 May 2012
The D is Silent
Courtesy of Yahoo Movies comes a half-dozen new stills for Quentin Tarantino’s seventh feature,DjangoUnchained.
Starring Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz and Leonardo Di Caprio, Django Unchained chronicles a recently freed slave and his practicing dentist, bounty hunting partner as they travel the deep south in a bid to rescue Django’s wife from the clutches of a sadistic Francophile plantation owner.
It has a U.S. release date of December 25th and also stars the RZA of the Wu Tang Clan.WU-TANG!
Django Horse Backing
Django UnhorsedEnlarge Enlarge
Django Uncomfortable
Django UncomfortableEnlarge Enlarge
Django Uncooperative
Django UnimpressedEnlarge Enlarge
Django Unconcerned
Django UnfriendlyEnlarge Enlarge
Django Elsewhere
Django ElsewhereEnlarge Enlarge
Django having his rear groped
Django having his rear gropedEnlarge Enlarge
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