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Simon Pegg - Kahn will NOT feature in Star Trek ...

30 May 2012
This tasks me. This tasks me!
This one always smelt a bit off to me. Everyone seemed so certain Benedict Cumberbatch would portray Kahn in the upcoming Star Trek sequel despite the fact,
1) 2009’s Star Trek has a unique, specially crafted villain of its own.
2) Director J.J. Abrams is notorious for playing with audience preconceptions
3) Cumberbatch looks less like Kahn and far more like some dude wailing on Spock!
Not that laying the smack down on a Vulcan is a particularly straightforward endeavour. But Kahn doesn’t have the monopoly on human augmentation and genetic enhancement.
Speaking to The Telegraph, Simon Pegg (Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott) insisted,
"It's not Khan. That's a myth. Everyone's saying it is, but it's not... No, I think people just want to have a scoop. It annoys me. You just want to say, 'f*ck off! Wait for the film!'" Pegg added, attesting he was not trying to deliberately feed misinformation.
This revelation directly contradicts the claims made at last month, citing their sources reliable enough to confirm Kahn’s supposed role. Perhaps they’re chasing said source around perdition’s flames as we speak.
Either way, with a release date of May 17th 2013, we have just under a year to wait before we find out for ourselves.
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