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Iron Man 3 will feature multiple notable ...

31 May 2012
Best avoided if you don't want any spoilers this far in advance.
If you would prefer not to know too much about Iron Man 3 and the baddies that Iron Man himself, Tony Stark, will face off against then you should probably stop reading this piece. Details are emerging from the set that there will be multiple villains featured. Ben Kingsley is on board to play The Mandarin. However, it is likely that The Mandarin will be a secondary villain and may appear differently than he does in comic books. Instead, Guy Pearse will take the spotlight in Iron Man 3 as Aldrich Killian. Killian is the man behind the Extremis serum, injected into his “Extremis army” of multiple super-powered individuals.
Elsewhere, Iron Patriot is set to make an appearance. The star-spangled armor has been seen in pictures from the set. However, the suit is worn by Spider-Man villain Norman Osborne in the comics. Norman Osborne is currently property of Sony, so the suit is currently being worn by James Badge Dale, who's playing Eric Savin, according to snaps from filming. In the Marvel universe, Savin is the super soldier-cyborg Coldblood.
So, some of these revelations pose more questions than answers. Is James Badge Dale set to play two characters? Will Savin become even more threatening in a suit of armor? How will Iron Man 3 cope with so many potential main characters and villains in the one movie? The Avengers managed to make good use of its star-studded lineup, while Spider-Man 3 stuttered with multiple villains. How will Iron Man 3 fare in comparison? Unfortunately, we will have to wait for answers. Iron Man 3 isn’t scheduled to hit cinemas until May 2013.
Iron Man 3 will feature multiple notable characters on