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DVD Review - Goon

01 Jun 2012
Seann William Scott punches faces for comedy. It works.
They don’t come much bigger and dumber than bouncer Doug Glatt (Seann William Scott) who gets the chance to hit the ice as a hockey enforcer after getting into a tussle at a game. But do they just want him to take, and receive, the punches?
It was hardly on anyone’s radar but low budget ice-hockey and punches comedy Goon got 2012 off to a great start with some serious laughs, a great central performance and some bruising ultraviolence on the ice.Scott has long been the only cast member from American Pie capable of sustaining a career and that’s partly due to his ability to change with the times. Apart from rehashing Stiffler for a number of roles, he’s also tried out high concept action (yes, I remember Bulletproof Monk), animation and even nutballs sci-fi flicks like Southland Tales.
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Here, Scott reinvents himself again with a surprisingly subtle turn as Glatt (based on real life brawler/player Doug Smith) – a guy who knows he’s not the smartest in the world but tries to keep his head up, embracing the opportunity to excel at something. Even if its punching people in their face holes. There is a lot of punching in Goon, but director Michael Dowse (Take Me Home Tonight) manages to play most of it for laughs, even as blood stains the ice and Doug reduces his opponents faces to mush. Moments later he’s all smiles again, ready to sacrifice his wellbeing.Goon falters whenever Jay Baruchel’s obnoxious character appears on screen but there’s enough going on elsewhere, including a great turn for Liev Schreiber and some hilarious locker room banter, to keep things churning over nicely. Recommended.Extras: Plenty of short clips including deleted scenes, outtakes, interviews with the cast, auditions and a guide to fighting on the ice.
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