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Snow White and the Huntsmen sequel going ahead

08 Jun 2012
Who will be the fairest in the follow-up?
A sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman has been given the green light. That didn’t take very long now did it? This isn’t the most surprising news considering it took in $55 million in the box office in the States. Reading any further could result in spoilers, but you can see a non-spoilery review here. It had previously been reported that a sequel was in consideration, even before the movie opened in cinemas. It is likely that the follow-up with centre on the character of the Huntsman.
Both Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth are optioned for two more outings, so we can expect to see them take on their roles once more. Warner has signed David Koepp to write a follow-up script, picking up where the first film left off. The first certainly left the door open for a follow-up, although we’re wondering how much longer the camera could be left on Stewart without her saying anything. With a love triangle brewing, but not yet out in the open, the basis of a story is set. Did you enjoy Snow White and want to see more or are you surprised that they are carrying on?
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