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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Clip

13 Jun 2012
Yes, that was a Brutal Legend reference. Never say I don’t gives yous nothin’!
To the matter at hand, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter lands in cinemas in Four Score and Seven days (minus the initial four score...)
Ironically, the marketing to date has been a little light*. This may not bode well for 20th Century Fox’s summer outing. But from the stylish violence offered in the following clip, it may yet do what it says on the tin.
Meaning, it’ll be a bit of a larf.
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter opens in cinemas on June 20th and with a little luck (Timur Bekmambetov has yet to steer us wrong) it’ll chop clean through the trunk of my doubt with an explosive axe swing!
Yes. Just Yes.
Yes. Just Yes.Enlarge Enlarge
*The irony is Vampire related.
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