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Enjoy Inception in Lego form

15 Jun 2012
It's a project within a project.
Inception was an incredible movie, but if there’s one way to make something even more impressive it’s to replicate it in Lego form. That’s exactly what one team of visual effects students, by the name of Team Hourglass, have done. They have taken some of the most famous scenes and recreated them using virtual Lego locales, and with an added dose of quirky humour for good effect. The result is simply fantastic.
The team spent 12 weeks on the project, representing approximately 1,000 hours of work in total. It is estimated that each person spent between 120 and 160 hours on the project. The bad news is that this represents just one quarter of their final semester workload. Definitely not something that can be left until the final night! The members ofTeam Hourglass have also used their creative talents on clips from Men in Black and 300 over the course of their academic careers. Enjoy the clips!
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