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Taken 2 Poster Arrives

18 Jun 2012
‘Your arrogance offends him!’
Obviously doubting the suitability of a title like “Taken 2: The Retakening”, a UK Quad poster for 20th Century Fox’s aptly named sequel, Taken 2, has debuted.
As has a plot summary....
Basically, owing to the feature length rampage in the original, Bryan Mills and his wife are taken prisoner. The offending kidnapper? An understandably upset father of one of the innumerable victims Mills worked through during Taken.
Captive in Instanbul and none too pleased about it, Mills enlists the help of his once kidnapped, scratch that, once TAKEN daughter Kim to orchestrate their escape.
Sounds Greeeeaaaaaattt.
Expect Taken 2 to taken your money on October 5th 2012.
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