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New Twilight Teaser is here!

20 Jun 2012
Bella has read eyes OMFG!
Did you know that the Twilight Saga is nearly at an end?
Well it is, and despite there being a good five months til Breaking Dawn – Part 2 hits cinemas, it’s already time for another teaser. Check it out.
So Bella is a vamp now, her kid is growing really fast (in order to make things with Jacob a teensy bit less harrowing) and the Volturi are on the march to destroy the abomination that is Renesmee. And the massive finale face off occurs in a snowy field with a couple of supernatural types running at each other. Wait, didn’t they already fight in that field in at least two other movies? Is that the same place they played baseball? Jeez!Bill Condon did what he could to make Breaking Dawn Part 1 a more mature entry in the series, complete with some token humour and an attempt to make Jacob mooning after an infant less creepy. He’s back on board for this final chapter and, to be perfectly honest, there’s plenty left in the final book that should make this the most entertaining effort in the series to date. Of course, the saga is still saddled with Frowny and Mr. Grimace (Stewart and Pattinson of course) but, as I’m going to have to go see the bally thing anyway, I remain hopeful that they can conjure up more effective performances this time. Hey, at least Bella’s super strong now and doesn’t have to wait for the sparkly dude and the other one to save her anymore!The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 is in cinemas from the 16th of November. Be honest, you’re probably going to watch it…
New Twilight Teaser is here! on