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A debut teaser for The Prototype

22 Jun 2012
It's not just a prototype; it's THE Prototype.
The production company behind Act of Valor, the Bandito Brothers, have released a teaser trailer for The Prototype. The film focuses on a humanoid robot (or a roboticized human) that was built under a government program. The project gets shut down after the robot malfunctions, but to make matters worse the robot later escapes and goes rogue. As it is the next generation of unmanned drone technology, its creators are willing and pushed to do whatever it takes to bring it down.The Prototype, written and directed by Andrew Will, stars Neal McDonough, Joseph Mawle and Anna Anissimova.
It could be an interesting project, although comparisons could be drawn between it and the likes of I, Robot. Either way, the trailer is worth a watch. Unfortunately it’s just a teaser for now, with no listed release date.
A debut teaser for The Prototype on

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