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Neeson back in action in Taken 2

22 Jun 2012
We wonder what phone plan he is on.
Bryan Mills left a lot of people annoyed after his actions in Taken, although he had every right to track down and kill every one of the kidnappers. Unfortunately, those people had others who cared enough to want revenge. His daughter visits him in Istanbul, but this time it is his wife who becomes the target of the kidnappers.
An international trailer has been released, which sets the scene nicely. Once again, Liam Neeson spends a lot of time in the trailer on the phone and delivers some punchy lines. Will any of them stand the test of time like his monologue from the original? Just in case anyone was confused, the script writers managed to work a very clear reference to the original which you can see in the trailer. You can almost feel Neeson staring directly at the audience and winking when he says, "Your mother is going to be taken."Taken 2 stars Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, Famke Janssen and Leland Orser. It is scheduled for release on October 5th.
Neeson back in action in Taken 2 on