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New Ted featurette packs R rated laughs

22 Jun 2012
Be careful who is watching over your shoulder!
If you’re excited about the upcoming release of Ted, then you may be happy to see a new featurette with commentary from Seth MacFarlane, Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis. Presumably by now you’ve seen the red-band trailer, so you should know not to watch this clip around anyone that you wouldn’t be comfortable seeing the movie with…i.e. your boss…Seriously!
We felt that we should warn you, especially if people are sitting behind you for the final shot. As MacFarlane himself says, the movie is being described as a hard R, although he somehow disagrees with that rating. There is some new footage from the movie as well and we can tell you that they haven’t used all the gags for the original trailer. Unless they held back a handful especially for this that is. Either way, it looks like it could be a blast. Ted will be released in North America on June 29th and in Europe on August 1st.
New Ted featurette packs R rated laughs on