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Box Office Report - Brave wins the weekend

25 Jun 2012
Pixar's latest comes out on top
Pixar’s latest, Scottish adventure story Brave, continues the winning streak for the company – debuting at number one from it’s opening weekend of admissions with $66.7 million. That’s the 13th straight number one movie for the Pixar crew and a testament to the public’s love for their products.
The reviews for the film (which doesn’t debut across the pond until August) have been more mixed than usual for a Pixar production, citing the fact that the film follows more closely to the formula established by Disney with its troupe of teen princesses. It seems to be more a sense of the film being just good, rather than incredible but that’s a massive improvement on last year, when Cars 2 notched up a mere 38% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. The US Box Office was all about the animation this past weekend, with Madagascar 3 slotting into second place with $21.2 million for a worldwide total of $208 million and that doesn’t include plenty of regions including Ireland and the UK where it bizarrely won’t arrive until October. Up third in the states was Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter which only cost around $70 million but clawed back just $16.5 – you can read our review for the above average actioner here. Ridley Scott’s Prometheus was up next, grabbing just $10 million but that puts its haul above $250 million worldwide. Can you hear a sequel calling? Snow White and the Huntsman came in at 5, earning around $8, more or less in line with Rock of Ages.That’s by Boy, The Avengers, MIB 3 and Seeking a Friend for the End of the World round out the top 10, with the last earning a mere $3.8 million despite being a comedy with Steve Carell attached. Maybe the fact that it’s about an imminent apocalypse dampened its box office appeal a little.
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