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Prometheus spoiled by political agenda

05 Jul 2012
To make things worse, he had already paid to see it.
There are times when you have to work very hard to avoid spoilers for a film you want to see. You dodge the trailers, avoid Twitter musings, and are careful with the links you click on just in case. But all that hard work could be undone in seconds if a cinema employee is unimpressed by a scene.
OK, Prometheus didn’t float everyone’s boat, but that’s no reason to spoil scenes for everyone (don’t read on if you don’t want to know of the scene). Jorge went to see Prometheus in Seattle and upon handing his ticket to the cinema employee was warned, “Halfway through the movie, the main female character will perform a self-induced abortion." Jorge was not the only one to be on the receiving end of this particular spoiler and approached the management about it. Naturally, he was unhappy to have anything about the film spoiled, but was also offended by the political agenda that was being pushed. The manager on duty said at the time that there was no agenda on the cinema employee's part.
We’re pretty sure that if there was an alien creature growing inside us, we’d take the surgery option too. It is a grizzly scene and certainly not for the faint of heart, but cinemas have managed to pass on warnings before without explicitly spoiling parts of the movie. For his troubles Jorge received two free tickets, but returned them immediately as there was no explanation offered. Just as well or he would have had to be very careful about what movie he chose to see.
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