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Taken 2 reveals shock twist!

06 Jul 2012
Plot details emerge for the sequel
So, y’all loved Taken on its theatrical release back in 2008. On one level, I understand the appeal – it chiefly stems from watching former committed thespian and all round cool guy Liam Neeson taking out fools with impunity and generally making a mess of an Eastern European human trafficking outfit.
Made for less than €20 million, Taken grossed almost $230 million dollars at the box office, marking one of writer/producer Luc Besson’s few real successes since he bizarrely stopped directing anything but strange French animated flicks.
Box office success = a sequel and Taken 2 is already in the can, primed for release this October. This time, the daddy of the dudes Neeson offed in the first film decides to get some old school revenge, vis kidnap and the threat of murder.
We recently brought you the first International Trailer for Taken 2 and we’ve now got an all new version from European territories which gives you a few more titbits of information as well as a reveal which some may find more than a little awesome.
It was previously rumoured that Neeson’s character would be taken in the new film and this trailer confirms it, leaving the way open for Maggie Grace to take a more central action role. It seems like a massive misstep to push Neeson into the background when his antics were what fans really loved about the first film but the number of action moments featuring the Irish star in the trailer makes it apparent that he doesn’t stay Taken for long.Taken 2 is set for release on the 5th of October and we’ll have more info when its available.
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