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Stop motion trailer seeks Kickstarter backing

12 Jul 2012
Project from the minds of Being John Malkovich and Community.
Charlie Kaufman (Being John Malkovich, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), has teamed up with Dan Harmon (Community) and Starburns Industries for the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for the stop-motion animation called Anomalisa. Duke Johnson, who previously worked with Dan Harmon to direct the stop-motion episode of Community, will take directorial duties on the project. The film is about a celebrated motivational speaker who changes the lives of others despite being crippled by his own mundane life.
The team has taken to Kickstarter, so that the project can be made without the interference of the typical “big studio process”. They want their creation to be see the light of day, while remaining unchanged by studio influence. Starburns Industries wants to “change is the way artists are treated.” To convince you to part with your money and back the project, a small stop-motion animation has been produced as a pitch.
So far the campaign has raised over $80,000 of the required $200,000 in under 48 hours. The lowest pledge with a reward tier is at $15 and will get you a downloadable Anomalisa movie poster and a Personalized Thank You message via Twitter @AnomolisaMovie. Backers can also get access to copies of the film, signed items, credits and exclusive items such as a puppet or set. The campaign will end on September 9th.
Stop motion trailer seeks Kickstarter backing on

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