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Homage Frankenweenie trailer released

13 Jul 2012
Upcoming animation pays tribute.
A new trailer has been released for Frankenweenie, which acts as a throwback to horror trailers of old. It takes its cues from B-movies of the 1950s with promises that "millions will be thrilled by the greatest story the screen will ever know." It has it all: the voice over, the text style and the phrases that you would expect from such a trailer. Of course, if you wanted to see more footage from the upcoming release it has that too.
Frankenweenie tells the tale of Victor who attempts to bring his beloved dog back to life. Once word gets out that he was successful in his venture, other kids from the neighbourhood become influenced and plan their own ventures. Naturally, it isn’t long before everything gets out of control and the town gets more than it bargained for.
The film features the vocal talents of Winona Ryder, Catherine O'Hara, Christopher Lee and Martin Short. Frankenweenie will be released in North America on October 5th and in Europe on October 17th.
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