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Dredd 3D clip dissected

18 Jul 2012
Jack and Daniel sink their teeth into some lurid carnage
Not content with delving into some video slices of The Dark Knight Rises, Jack and Daniel have today decided to talk about the recent red band clip released for the upcoming Dredd 3D. In the wake of a well received screening of the completed film at Comic-Con last week, Lionsgate released 60 seconds of carnage from the 2000 AD adaptation showing off Karl Urban’s bulleting skills. Jack and Daniel take you through the clip and describe in detail what gory things are happening. This is NSFW. I simply cannot wait to see more of that.Dredd 3D is directed by Pete Travis and in addition to Karl Urban stars Olivia Thirlby (the terrified looking one up there), Lena Headey and Irish chap Domhnall Gleeson. It’s out in September.
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