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Pixar sequel news delights fans

19 Jul 2012
Finding Nemo 2 AND Toy Story 4; Pixar is too good to us.
The Twitter-verse has been set alight by confirmation that there will be a sequel to 2003’s Finding Nemo. The follow-up will not be released until 2016, but the initial news of a sequel along with the announcement that Andrew Stanton is returning to direct was enough to get fans excited. Stanton followed Finding Nemo with the release of Wall-E, which also won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature, although he was less fortunate with the recently released John Carter. Some Twitter users have event threatened that they will push children out of the way if necessary to see the movie. Some may wonder how they could lose a fish again, but then again Macaulay Culkin was lost multiple times over the course of Home Alone. There is of course the chance that Dory will simply go to the shops one day and forget which way home is. That is the job of Victoria Strouse who will be penning the script for the much anticipated sequel. No cast announcements have been made yet. Stanton will be under pressure to provide the goods with Finding Nemo 2. The success of Wall-E has heightened expectations regarding what Stanton and co. can do with animation and there are rumours that the possibility of a second John Carter film could hinge on Finding Nemo 2, both to pad Disney’s financials and to put Stanton back in good graces. But for now, we have to just keep swimming until 2016. If you're going to trust anyone to do justice to a film series after an extended break, it would have to be Pixar. After all, there was an 11 year gap between Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3. Speaking of Toy Story, it has also been let slip that a new film is being worked on. Tom Hanks let out this snippet of information in an interview with the BBC, but provided no further details. It’s not the most surprising news in terms of sequels, but the possibility has thrilled fans of the Toy Story series. Now...who do we talk to about The Incredibles 2?
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