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Full Trailer lands for The Master

20 Jul 2012
Paul Thomas Anderson's latest is looking very tasty
We’ve already had a clip and teaser trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson’sThe Master and now, finally, bear witness to the full theatrical trailer for the upcoming drama.
The Master is just the sixth film from American director Anderson, who has previously brought us Boogie Nights, Magnolia and There Will Be Blood. For his latest, the acclaimed filmmaker tells the story of a former soldier, played by Joaquin Phoenix who is having trouble adjusting to normal life after the horrors of World War II. He life becomes a miasma of drink and violence, until he meets the charismatic and captivating Lancaster Dodd (Philip Seymour Hoffman) who takes the trouble man under his wing. The material released so far has anticipation for The Master reaching fever pitch and we can’t help but agree – Anderson has proven himself a master of milking strong performances from his cast and the assembled luminaries here are top notch – including Phoenix back from self enforced exile as well as Amy Adams and the always engaging Hoffman. The drama looks strong and, even in this two and a half minute trailer, the story remains refreshingly unclear.The Master is set for a limited release in the states in October before hitting cinemas across the pond on November 9th. More as we get it.
Full Trailer lands for The Master on

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