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No Oscar Nods for Batman?

24 Jul 2012
The Dark Knight Weeps
According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Dark Knight Rises isn’t in for the strongest showing when Oscar season rolls around next year. In fact, whether or not it will be nominated for any awards seems in question.SO IT WASN’T JUST US, FOLKS!!!
Members from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences received invitations to the Samuel Goldwyn Theatres on July 21st for a screening of The Dark Knight Rises. Which they went to presumably. Enthusiasm wasn’t exactly at a fever pitch for the film, with academy members staying in their seats once the credits rolled, exiting without much discussion or animation. "There was nothing remarkable about the acting," remarked an Academy member and regular attendee to Academy screenings. "I don't think it can be nominated as best picture."Bret Easton Ellis, also in attendance, tweeted the following "Not that it really matters, but there was zero love for 'The Dark Knight Rises' at the packed Academy screening in Los Angeles tonight."
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