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The Last Supper Expendables Banner

07 Aug 2012
Delicious irony...
In ten days, Stallone takes his second shot at revitalizing Hollywood’s flagging action genre. His first swing missed the mark back in 2010, but with a beefed up cast, expanded budget and a more... experienced director at the helm, The Expendables 2 stands a chance of doing what its predecessor couldn’t. Namely, entertaining!
With an expanded role for action legend Arnold Schwarzenegger, Click favourite JCVD in a villainous capacity, a NEWLY revealed R rating and British stuntman extraordinaire Scot Adkins leading the charge, I reckonEX2 could be a marked improvement on its forerunner.
If nothing else, it has Statham proclaiming “I now pronounce you man and knife!” And then he stabs fools. Sold!
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