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ALF shaping up for cinema release

09 Aug 2012
ALF is back. How long until he returns in POG form?
In one of the more unusual news stories of the day, it looks as though ALF could be making a return as Sony has landed the rights to the 1980s sitcom. A blend of live-action and CGI is planned to bring the sitcom to life for the modern audience. Show creators, Tom Patchett, and puppeteer Paul Fusco have signed on for the project which will be produced by Jordan Kerner (Smurfs). Fusco will also take care of the vocal work as he did for the sitcom. Nobody has been linked to the project as a writer or director just yet. The original series told the story of Gordon Shumway, an alien who crash-landed on Earth and was taken in by the Tanner family. ALF caused his fair share of mishaps thanks to his appetite for cats and the usual investigations from government agencies. What adventures are in store for ALF in movie form we wonder? Could we be looking at yet another origin story for the summer months? No release date has been pencilled in just yet. The first order of business will be to find a writing crew and a director who will be able to appease fans of the series, while drawing in the younger audience of today. Need a trip down memory lane? Here’s the intro.
ALF shaping up for cinema release on

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