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Red Dawn remake gets a trailer

13 Aug 2012
Finally seeing a release in 2012
Ah Red Dawn. The title first entered movie history in 1984 in a more or less kid friendly action drama from director John ‘Conan the Barbarian’ Milius. And you know what, it’s kind of pants. Which it was notable for pushing he MPAA into creating the PG-13 rating, the story is a mess and the acting, from the likes of Patrick Swayze, C. Thomas Howell and Jennifer Grey, is fairly appalling. Here’s a trailer to jog those memory cells. Much of it consists of particularly inaccurate automatic weapon firing.
[snigger] The cult cache of Red Dawn persisted though, to such an extent that a remake was planned for several years, finally going into production in 2008 under the direction of second unit dude Dan Bradley. An then unknown Aussia actor called Chris Hemsworth was cast in the lead, alongside the even more unknown Josh Hutcherson, Isabel Lucas and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. And then the problems started. First Red Dawn went back for extensive reshoots and tinkering to change the enemies from the Chinese to North Koreans – basically to avoid pissing off over a billion people. Then parent studio MGM went to the wall, putting their entire slate in jeopardy. Now, two years after it was supposed to hit cinemas, Red Dawn is finally arriving this November and a trailer has just been released to prove it.
There’s little doubt that a big reason this movie is seeing the light of day has to do with a post Avengers and Thor Hemsworth and the fact that Hutcherson has three more Hunger Games movies to go. Otherwise, it’s looking like a particularly forgettable action flick which copies and pastes its best scenes from an underwhelming piece of 80s nostalgia.Red Dawn is in cinemas in the states from November 21st. No confirmed release date for Europe yet.
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