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End of Watch Red Band Trailer

14 Aug 2012
Get with the shoutin', shootin' and cussing'
Jake Gyllenhaal goes bad ass in the thoroughly red band trailer for End of Watch. The film is written and directed by David Ayer, most famous for scribbling the script for2001s Training Day. He also penned The Fast and the Furious, the underrated Dark Blue and SWAT. He’s been less successful as a director, with just Harsh Times and Street Kings to his name. It won’t come as much of a shock to find that End of Watch is a gritty urban cop drama, with plenty of shouting, loud gunplay and close cropped police mo-fos doing their mo-fo best in a difficult mo-fo situation. You can also expect plenty of bad language. What sets the film a little apart is that it appears, at least partly, to told using found footage like small camera mounted on weapons and dashboard cams. Check the trailer for an idea of what we is speaking about son. Be warned, it earns the red band sticker.
It certainly looks energetic, and Jake G is a lot more menacing than we’re used to. He’s joined on screen by Michael Pena and the ever dependable Frank Grillo. There’s also a trio of female types involved (though they don’t get a look in during this trailer) Anna Kendrick, Cody Horn and America Ferrara. We’re going to go with a tentative thumbs up for End of Watch – it premieres at TIFF in September before hitting theatres in North America in the 21st and arriving in UK and Irish cinemas on the 23rd of November. Check back soon for Pete’s review.
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