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The Raid Content Hub

20 Aug 2012
Everything you need to know about The Raid - our review, interviews, features, trailers and more!
Welcome to our content hub for The Raid – your one stop shop for everything related to the film that has appeared on the site to date. You’ll find our review, interview with the director and star, features and a selection of trailers and clips from the plucky little Indonesian action film which has taken the world by storm. The Raid is in cinemas in Ireland and the UK from the 18th of May.REVIEW – THE RAID Daniel Anderson goes behind the hyperbole to let you know just how good The Raid really is. Ok there’s a little hyperbole.INTERVIEW – DIRECTOR GARETH EVANS The Welsh filmmaker sits for a lengthy chat with Daniel about how he ended up making a film in Indonesia, his take on the violence in the picture and how he met star Iko Uwais.INTERVIEW – ACTOR IKO UWAIS Action cinema welcomes a new star - Iko talks American remakes, violence and those Mortal Kombat rumours.FEATURE – 5 REASONS TO LOVE IKO UWAIS Jack delves into the appeal of new action star Uwais.TRAILERS We’ve trawled the internet for all the trailers we can find for The Raid, some of which list the title as The Raid: Redemption, which is what it was called in the States.Trailer
Red Band Trailer
CLIPSHallway Fight
Follow Me
Four on One
PRODUCTION BLOGSBootcamp and Choreography
Studio Sets and Effects
The Courtyard and Hole Drop
We’ll update this page as we get more content in. Be sure to check out The Raid when it hits cinemas on the 18th of May.
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