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Top 10 Movies - Jason Kapalka (PopCap Games)

20 Aug 2012
PopCap's Jason Kapalka gives us the run down of his favourite movies of all time...
When he’s not working on fiendishly addictive games with the intention of separating us from not only our work, but also our loved ones, Calgary born Jason Kapalka of PopCap Games likes to settle down for the occasional movie. We got his top 10 movie list from him earlier this month, along with a short comment on each selection…1. Lawrence of ArabiaEpic but intimate and nobody will ever use widescreen more effectively.2. JawsSpielberg’s best; a near perfect thrill ride.3. The ThingJohn Carpenter’s top film and maybe the greatest horror film ever.4. CasablancaStill compelling, but anything with Bogart is great.5. OldboyElectrifying and totally insane existential kung-fu thriller from Korea.6. GoodfellasScorsese’s overall best and my favourite mafia film.7. AliensJames Cameron at his peak and the template for nearly every action film afterwards.8. The Sweet HereafterMy top Canadian film, from Atom Egoyan, haunting and heartbreaking.9. ThiefMichael Mann’s first film is pitch-perfect modern noir, with a great James Caan.10. Streets of FireA guilty pleasure, Walter Hill’s bizarre rock-and-roll flop is indefensible but somehow awesome.
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