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Kate Beckinsale Video Interview for Total Recall

27 Aug 2012
The ass-kicking star talks about her unusual career as an action legend and her secret wish for more comedies!
We've previously talked to Jessica Biel about sci-fi blockbuster Total Recall and today it's the turn of Britsh action dame Kate Beckinsale. In the film, Beckinsale plays Lori - the seeming loving wife of Colin Farrell's Quaid who gets an attitude adjustment as he starts to remember his former life. It's a role orginated by Sharon Stone on screen but Beckinsale's version gets even more ass-kicking as she heads the group tasked with reacquiring Quaid. Here, Beckinsale talks action and choreography, as well as the possibility of less pyrotechnics in the future.
Total Recall is in cinemas from the 29th of August and for more interviews plus our review and a great competition, head to our Content Hub.
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