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New Clone Wars Season 5 Trailer

29 Aug 2012
Alike most of you, I’d wager, I have a strong Love-Hate relationship with The Clone Wars. I love its recent shift to intertwining episodes and the staggering quality of action that has defined the series for four seasons. Seriously, it’s full on! And I hate, like with a passion yo, episodes starring that wet blanket Padme and that walking irritation engine C-3PO. Also the lack of focus on the show’s wider narrative arc (You know that war thing? With the clones?) tends to grate as the show goes through the motions. Cue lengthy new Season 5 trailer, brimming with sword fights, space battles, explosions, blasters flamethrowers and, if the Force permits it.... plot?
Toasty! The firth season of The Clone Wars is due to premiere on September 29th
New Clone Wars Season 5 Trailer on

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