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Len Wiseman Video Interview for Total Recall

31 Aug 2012
The Total Recall director talks about his sci-fi action blockbuster
Total Recall is in cinemas now and we’ve got the last of our video interviews ready to go. This time it’s director Len Wiseman under the spotlight. He came to prominence as the creator of the Underworld series – directing the first two in the franchise before moving on to helm the perfectly watchable (if unfairly hated) Die Hard 4.0. It was on Underworld that he first met Brit babe Kate Beckinsale who later became his wife and the pair have teamed up once again for his latest effort Total Recall. From a script by Kurt Wimmer, the film is a new take on Philip K. Dick’s original short story and also stars Colin Farrell and Jessica Biel. Here, Wiseman talks about creating a future world, the ties to the original story and the inexplicable survival of Ireland!
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